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Coworking Websites

  • Search engine optimized websites
  • Beautiful, responsive web designs
  • Designed for more client contacts
  • High performance, secure websites
  • Listing and booking services
  • Client account management system
  • Faster mobile experience with AMP

Websites That Work

The Internet tantalizes coworking spaces with the promise of easily reaching thousands of potential clients. However, achieving this objective requires more than simply building a website. To effectively market your practice, your website must be visible to potential clients, provide quality information, and encourage visitors to contact you.

Our approach to building coworking websites follows an integrated path that combines responsive website design and efficient back-end architecture with precision keyword targeting to attract clients in your location areas and beyond. We keep abreast of best practices in online marketing and changes in search engine algorithms so that you can focus on providing best coworking services.

Responsive Website Design

As users have migrated to computing devices featuring smaller screens, such as mobile phones and tablets, the trend in web design has moved to responsive design. A website with a responsive design will adjust its layout to best display its content in response to the size of the device being used. Our designers will prepare a responsive design for your website that highlights your level of professionalism with stylish graphics, easy navigation, and an integrated layout.

Search Engine Optimization

Most websites depend on search engines for the majority of their traffic. Accordingly, ranking highly for relevant keywords should yield the most targeted visitors. The process for associating a website with certain keywords is called search engine optimization (SEO). Our team follows an analytical approach focused on building high-quality sites that the search engines find relevant. Effective SEO can position your firm among the top organic search results for a given search term and dramatically increase your client leads.

Content Writing Services

We encourage coworking spaces to write quality content in their own voice. We provide coaching and constructive feedback throughout the entire content development process and are available to answer any questions you may have. For those who do not have the time to prepare their own content, we provide a custom content drafting service on an à la carte basis. Our writing team includes journalists and SEO experts who are experienced in drafting high-quality content that attracts search engines and is engaging for visitors as well. Our writing team can also assist you in creating coworking narratives, space’s unique features descriptions, and more.

Online Updating Tools

We provide a customized content management system for editing your website. You will have unlimited access to add new pages, modify your text, or remove existing pages at your convenience. Our tools make it easy to keep your coworking marketing message updated.

Client Intake Forms

Often overlooked by coworking spaces when creating an online presence, client intake forms are an important and valuable tool. These forms gather the essential information you need before an initial interview or consultation with a potential client. can work with you to create client intake forms that allow your firm to identify and focus on quality leads.

Website Traffic Reports

Our website traffic reports can tell you how many people visit your site, where your visitors are coming from and what specific pages they are looking at. This valuable feedback can be used to fine-tune your search engine optimization, inspire new content development ideas, and efficiently increase your coworking space’s online reach and visibility.

Directory Submissions

Coworking spaces should submit their websites to high-quality business directories and databases. At, we submit our client websites to relevant online directories and databases, which are used by search engines for their map and business listings.

Accelerated Mobile Pages builds branded AMP pages for all our clients’ websites to provide a richer AMP experience and to preserve your brand identity. Our custom AMP solution also provides rich search results tailored to your Coworking space by optimizing the structured data. AMP pages offer a faster user experience since they are lightweight, optimized for mobile downloads, hosted on Google’s content management network, and are preloaded to a user’s mobile browser when they are on a Google search results page. Additionally, Google highlights AMP pages with a special icon in its mobile search results.

HTTPS takes a holistic approach to online coworking marketing that embraces search engine optimization, web design, speed optimization, and security. We do not treat security as an optional add-on feature, but one integral to the entire marketing experience. Accordingly, we protect all our clients by encrypting communications between their websites and their users’ browsers. Safeguarding the privacy and security of visitors to coworking space websites is essential to maintaining trust. We do not impose additional fees for securing our client websites with HTTPS, even for the purchase and renewal of HTTPS security certificates, and the set-up work required to transition and maintain a website with HTTPS.

Coworking Web Design having pride on creating coworking websites that are inventive and unique. Websites for Coworking spaces have unique needs and we understand them the best, from custom drawings, to handmade icons, our experienced graphic designers will deliver you the quality at par with your expectations

Custom Featured Websites

The Cohive as a web development agency based in Torono, Canada offers well crafted, flawlessly optimized, feature rich websites based on the analysis of your competitor, your clients and your business.

Premier Google Partner

The Cohive is proud of its status as a Premier Google Partner. Many of our professionals are certified by Google for their skill and expertise in online marketing, including in the areas of search advertising, mobile advertising, display advertising, mobile sites and Google Analytics. These achievements provide us with enhanced training and support to help reach the marketing objectives of our clients.

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We truly care about the success of our clients. We provide a free telephone consultation to review your current marketing campaign and discuss how we can improve your marketing ROI by strengthening your branding and online visibility.