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Paid Advertising

  • Cost-effective paid advertising strategies
  • Online ad campaign setup and management
  • Custom landing page and online ad creation
  • Coworking and business directory advertising
  • Google, Facebook, and Bing advertising

Boost Your Leads with Pay Per Click Advertising

Coworking spaces can purchase advertising on search engines, social media networks, business and coworking directories, to supplement their organic traffic. Our online advertising professionals provide advertising setup, consulting, and management services for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to help our clients optimize their Cost Per Click (CPC).

Search Engine Marketing provides both Google Ads and Bing Ads advertising setup and management.

Advertising purchased from Google appears in its search results. These ads may also be displayed in Google’s local business listings, on Google Maps, and on Google search partner websites.

The Bing search engine by Microsoft powers the search results and search ads on Bing as well as Yahoo! and AOL. While the Bing network attracts a smaller audience than Google, it does offer some opportunities for effective marketing. Ads purchased from Bing can appear on Bing, Yahoo! and AOL search results.

Our Search Engine Marketing professionals can set up and manage your online advertising campaigns. We provide guidance on ad text, keywords, location targeting, and landing page design which are essential elements to successful search engine marketing.


Coworking spaces can target their ads for specific keywords and phrases in Google Ads and Bing Ads. At, we help our clients develop a set of keywords and phrases that best reflect their individual practice and the localities they serve. These lists target both common terms and search terms that are less competitive to maximize cost-per-click expenditures.

Locality Settings

Coworking spaces can target their advertisements towards potential clients in a particular geographical area or to people who are looking for information in a specific location. To maximize the effectiveness of your campaign, you will likely want to have one or more location targets to attract local clients.

Ad Text Writing

Our Search Engine Marketing experts provide assistance with writing “call to action” text ads for Google and Bing. These ads include phrases and terms that can increase clicks by potential clients and are crucial for effective use of this avenue of marketing.

Landing Pages

Optimizing the content and layout of each landing page increases client contact conversions and maximizes the value of the clicks. Conversion rates on PPC ads increase when the landing pages are customized to the ad copy and designed to make it easy for a visitor to contact the coworking space. We design the PPC campaigns so that each phrase leads to a relevant page on the client’s site thereby increasing the likelihood of the visitor contacting the coworking space.

Facebook Remarketing

Coworking spaces can target their advertising to past visitors of their website. This process, called “remarketing,” displays your ads to your past visitors as they browse Facebook. Facebook is the largest and most powerful social media advertising platform. Through remarketing, our focus is on individuals that are actively looking for a coworking space and have previously visited your website.

Directory Advertising

Coworking directories offer businesses an opportunity to connect with people who are specifically seeking coworking space. Besides the Directory, we can also suggest other coworking and business directories where coworking spaces might wish to advertise.

Premier Google Partner

The Cohive is proud of its status as a Premier Google Partner. Many of our professionals are certified by Google for their skill and expertise in online marketing, including in the areas of search advertising, mobile advertising, display advertising, mobile sites and Google Analytics. These achievements provide us with enhanced training and support to help reach the marketing objectives of our clients.

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Work With The Best

We truly care about the success of our clients. We provide a free telephone consultation to review your current marketing campaign and discuss how we can improve your marketing ROI by strengthening your branding and online visibility.