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Member Dashboard

  • Member profile page
  • Booking history
  • Payment methods
  • Messaging system
Member Profile Page:

The website features user friendly front-end dashboard where listings, bookings, packages, profile details and private messages can be easily managed. In addition, the user dashboard allows the member to leave reviews.

Booking History:

The member can view all past booking and future reservations. The member can cancel reservations.

Subscription And Payments:

The members can easily pay for their services, save payment methods. In addition, members can choose memberships and subscribe and pay for their subscriptions. The system also has built-in invoicing system. The invoicing system emails a receipt to both you and your member.

Profile Details:

The member can update their profile information, bio and picture. So that other members can easily view them.

Private Messaging System:

Member can message you via our built-in secure system. You can instantly respond to your member queries. The great thing is that you also have the option for members to message you even if they are not registered with the website.

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