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App Features

  • Seamless integration with your website
  • Android and iOS platforms
  • Booking system with e-commerce functionalities
  • Interactive and innovatice UX design

Take your coworking business to the next level with iOS and Android apps which easily integrates with your website and booking management system.

Create, manage, organize any listing with ease with these apps. The Apps makes it quick and easy to create a seamless, beautiful and functional listing for your business including e-commerce functionalities, impressive UX design and smooth performance on both iOS and Android devices.

Features availables

Compatibility With The Top 3 Listing Templates

You can create listings using this app.

Handy Booking Feature

This function means you can make it easy for your member book and reserve your listings.

Innovative UX Design

The app features incredibly intuitive functions including multi-level categories, quick product filters, super-smooth checkout process and keyword history search capabilities.

Flexible Design System

The app ensures you can make your site your own with huge customization options including homepage configurations, categories, blog with a range of built-in components, banner sliders, banner groupings, multi-column product view, tinder animate layout, stack animate layout and more.

Powerful User Settings

Our listings app gives you endless capabilities to enhance your listings including the ability to enable push notifications, view wish lists and order history, rate the app on app stores, select dark themes, set up smart chat and switch languages.

Invaluable Insight With Google Analytics

Keep an eye on your users and track your stats including number of users and registrations via Firebase in real-time.

Incredible Speed Performance

With offline images caching, you’ll be able to speed up your loading performance, making your life easier while impressing your users.

Easy Registration

Make the most of your data and your customers with a range of registration features including social login support, SMS login and the option to sign up guests at checkout.

Instant Synchronization

All your data will be updated smoothly and instantly, from the mobile to the server and vice versa.

Smart Chat Support

Chat to your customers and answer queries fast with any chat app including Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp.

Multiple Blog Detail Options

The app includes three different blog detail scenes, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your needs

Intelligent Deeplink

Supported in both iOS and Android, DeepLink allows you to track your app better and more easily via outside channels. For instance, you’ll be able to see the route a user takes from a website to your app.

Premier Google Partner

The Cohive is proud of its status as a Premier Google Partner. Many of our professionals are certified by Google for their skill and expertise in online marketing, including in the areas of search advertising, mobile advertising, display advertising, mobile sites and Google Analytics. These achievements provide us with enhanced training and support to help reach the marketing objectives of our clients.

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Mobile Sites

Mobile Advertising

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Digital Sales

Work With The Best

We truly care about the success of our clients. We provide a free telephone consultation to review your current marketing campaign and discuss how we can improve your marketing ROI by strengthening your branding and online visibility.